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1 / Patent Pub. No.: WO/2012/167759, International Application No..: PCT/CZ2011/000063 solves significantly enhance performance of solar energy, many times. Tests, due to the novelty has not yet been performed, only American company Semprius on its Web site declares in primitive design - slab form at least 3x performance increase than the best solar systems currently (!) - The new system is able to respond to the movement of the sun, the curved surfaces , mobile and scrollable / storable - his performance should be even greater – has to be proven by tests.

2 / The new technology is based on very simple - cheap and available components such as lenses of various shapes and materials, and their supporting structures, whether in the form of foil, mesh or plates or plates of different materials. Also, production is based on the simplest tools and aids. In combination with the electronic and minimal mechanical equipment, appropriate accumulation is obtained relatively strong, safe and most inexhaustible source of energy needed for a location or group of consumers. The system can provide electricity and heat for entire cities or neighborhoods, both old buildings and new construction.

3 / rough calculation leads to a situation where the application of the new system is an object that is added to the system / equipment is becoming completely energy self-sufficient - independent of the public grid.

4 / When the new system is used across the board, the situation may occur that the clean energy power thus obtained from the sun will replace the thermal power and nuclear power plants (hydroelectric power as well, of course). This completely eliminates the risks and hazards of the operation of these power units with the best intentions and technology, inextricably linked and threaten humanity, not only locally but also globally, not only of life,

but on next generations, nature with her animals themselves and its products (see nuclear power plants).

5 / The new system can be applied to already implemented solar arrays, which are simply mounted on mobile and static already placed solar panels with minimal technical addition.

6 / The system deals not only with electricity but also with hot water and heating. In combination with photovoltaic solar system leads to the situation that the object becomes a truly independent operating at full capacity and can supply energy and heat as well to objects in their surroundings (also heated in the winter roads and public lighting). The system is suitable for increasing its efficiency, add a suitable storage unit that the current surplus of electricity and heat can preserve for the time when needed - winter climate, large and long clouds, etc.

7 / When using the new system it will save, except the risk of nuclear disasters, vast economic resources which are linked to these media giant energy associated not only investment, but also operationally. Each such device has a limited life and must be at certain time reconstructed expensively, closed or replaced with a new implementation. And that's not dealing with hazardous waste, which does not cease to exist and will always be a constant source of danger to the human body as well as fauna and flora.

8 / The new system has such power that it can solve itself not only agglomeration, but also very barren area or directly to the continents (Africa, Iceland and others.) So that there is space for new settlements in overpopulated areas. With the help of the new system, these barren areas can be fertilized (greenhouses, irrigation, soil heating, etc.).

9 / As a small example of great human significance is possible to indicate to use of the this system in the form of lens used as packaging in PET bottles in Africa. This will make defective water within a few minutes in the sun boiling and becomes drinkable. This greatly restricts the danger of infectious and other diseases. How many lives it can save is not even countable. The improvement in the standard of living also can not be argued. Another practical example is the use of the new system on the sails of yachts, so that they are truly unlimited mobile device on the planet. (The performance of the new system in the automotive industry, which is to replace petroleum-based fuels, must be checked.)

10 / With undemanding application of the new system is not only getting uncompromising economic savings in the billions of dollars a year, but also create jobs in a huge amount especially for ordinary citizens.

11 / The system makes use for its efficiency solar energy, which is always available, everywhere, for free and in needed quantity. It is ecological and malleable. So there is a new technology that will save humanity not only themselves but also the planet from pollution and ecological self-destruction.

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